About Dr. Deborah Dahms D.O.

“Dr. Deborah” has spent her lifetime learning and synthesizing the best of what Eastern & Western medicine has to offer to the person in pain and developing her healing touch.  She became a Certified Acupuncturist in 1984 and an Osteopathic Physician in 1998, completed Internship & Residency in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine in 2002, and achieved Board Certification in Anesthesiology in 2006.  She opened her practice at this location in 2013.

Following a thorough history and detailed musculoskeletal exam, in treatment  you will experience skilled and perceptive  touch as I ‘listen’  to you and your body, taking the time to discern its limitations. Using a variety of gentle techniques, I work at a deep level to release myofascial and joint restrictions, assisting the body’s ability and  innate tendency to heal itself.